Amy Wilder Files

I am the owner and designer of wilderbydesign. I studied
Graphic Design at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design which specializes in training its designers to master the art of conceptualizing and problem solving. These two skills have provided me with a strong base, allowing me to apply my design talents to most any medium thrown at me. 

After completing my B.F.A. in graphic design, I spent time working in a small multi-disciplinary firm outside of Boston. Working in a small firm forces you to wear many hats. Initially hired as a print designer, I had the opportunity to learn the specialty of signage and wayfinding design, an area of design that this firm is renowned for. 

Now having had the opportunity to serve clients through my own business, I've developed a passion and specialty for working with small businesses, assisting them with fine-tuning their brands through strategy and design.

While I enjoy designing visual graphics for individual pieces, I most enjoy the variety that comes with helping a business or organization design their brand—and I find it genuinely fulfilling to be able to help my friends and colleagues grow their businesses and engage with their audience through a well-designed brand that I've helped them craft.

As is common with many who decide to live in a small town—variety is not only the spice of life, but expanding the skills I have has enabled me to take on a wide range of design projects. In addition to brand consulting, I enjoy working on logos, signage, book design and, most recently, becoming proficient in user experience and app design. 

When I am not designing, you can find me working on our house, carving out time for my artwork, and volunteering for various local community projects.


Creative Colleagues

Working in midcoast Maine, it's an advantage to be nimble. But when the right project or client calls, wilderbydesign will partner with friends & colleagues to ensure that the right team, talents and manpower are put to task.