wilderbydesign will provide you with solutions.

Does your brand need a refresh? 

Do you need a new logo?
or business card? or brochure?

At wilderbydesign our first step with our clients is to sit down with them and to find out who they are, what they provide, who they provide it to, and what are their goals.

Once we've had this conversation we can help you to determine what your needs are and how best to meet them.

Sometimes a client comes to us with a budget that allows them to take on all their needs at once. But more often than not, they need to prioritize. 

We can help you prioritize and walk you through how best to develop your branding needs based on your own specific budget, goals and practical realities. We will provide you with different options and explain what may work best for you, based on your own unique business objectives.

Once we've had this conversation, we can get into the meat of your project. Depending on your needs, the process will typically involve a round of research and analysis, followed by concept development, design development, refinement and production. At each of these different stages we will work with you to ensure that you feel confident in the direction and are happy with the final product.

Every client and project is different. That's one of the things we love about design. With wilderbydesign you will receive a custom solution that works for your business, as well as your budget, resulting in a thoughtful, creative solution to meet your goals.

wilderbydesign has both the experience and professional design training.

In a world where design software and computers are easily accessible—you may find that there are a lot of folks out there offering design services.

wilderbydesign offers
professional design services.

Drawing from her education at an established design school and experience working in a multi-disciplinary design firm, Amy Wilder Files is qualified to offer expertise in brand strategy, typography, photography and illustration styling, as well as the other tenants of graphic design that are integral to a polished, finished product.
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