wilderbydesign will help you to develop a clear message for your business, making sure that it's directed towards the right audience and that it engages them in a conversation.

Branding & Identities

business card design RocklandMaine

Without a unified and consistent brand, your audience will struggle to recognize your business and to understand what you want to communicate.

wilderbydesign specializes in "big picture thinking" that can help your business creatively strategize your messaging, applying it successfully across all of the platforms you use to communicate.

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Print & Publications

book and cover design

While graphic designers are no longer typesetting by hand or pasting-up actual photographs in our layouts—designing a fine print piece is still a craft.

wilderbydesign owner Amy Wilder Files has professional graphic design training and an understanding of current print processes, ensuring that your publication, type or copy will be set beautifully and legibly, distinguishing her from the competition.

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Signage & Wayfinding

signage design midcoast Maine

Designing custom signage and understanding where to properly place it (wayfinding) requires the ability to think 3-dimensionally, knowledge of how to apply graphics and type in a large format, technical understanding of fabrication methods, and familiarity with ADA compliance requirements.

wilderbydesign has both the know-how and experience to properly design quality signage for entire buildings, or one-off entrance signs.

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website and app design

Today every company needs a website, along with a facebook business page and suite of social media. wilderbydesign can provide you with the design services you need to unify your website with your social marketing materials—whether you need a custom site or a template or new mobile app.