Brand Consulting



Brand strategy  do you have a brand? need one? Do you need to refresh your old one? Let wilderbydesign help you strategically plan and prioritize your branding & design needs.

Naming  do you have a new business or product and need some help coming up with the right name? Using the same tools we use to hone in on a brand's qualities, we can help you focus in on the right name for your next idea.

Competitive Analysis  this is an important piece of Brand Development: a tool to better understanding your market and competitors.

Brand Standards  the final piece of any well-designed brand includes a document that outlines some rules for how best to use your Brand, ensuring its integrity for years to come.

Brand Managment  this service involves Art Direction as well as strategy. Often what weakens a brand is that there are too many cooks in the kitchen. Hiring a Brand Manager to oversee your brand ensures uniformity and lets you focus on what you do best: running your business.

Art Direction  let wilderbydesign 
help your team with the vision as well
as direction for execution of your
graphic designs.

Research  this is a first step in Brand Development: research is important to understanding your market and audience.

Brand Re-designs  very few brands
will last forever without some thoughtful evolvement. Is it time to take a fresh
look at yours?

Logos & Identities

Logo Design  a well-designed logo
takes into consideration your message and brand and is crafted using the correct software with consideration of the different uses you may have for it. Using color, typography and often a mark, wilderbydesign will craft a logo that speaks both clearly and purposefully about your business.

Hierarchy  an important part of logo design (and brand development) is understanding what part of your message you want to give weight to. wilderbydesign can both help you figure this out as well as determine how best to layout your designs to so that your message is clear and purposeful.

Graphic Standards  similar to "Brand Standards," this document will outline the different components of your logo or identity (color, typography, illustration style, etc) to ensure it's maintained.

Visual Language  this refers to the overall look & feel of your brand: color, typography, photography or illustration, combine to set the mood and tone of your communications.


Typography Selection  don't let your typeface be an afterthought. Typographic style can evoke a level of professionalism as well as set the tone for your business. Understanding the principles of proper typesetting is what sets apart the trained professional from the design dabbler.

Mark Design  some logos contain an illustration—this is called a "mark." Not
all logos need one but when they do, it's important to make sure it's well-crafted (created correctly in the correct software) to ensure it will look good across all mediums: big, small, online or in print.

Sub-brands  as your business or organization grows, you may find that your one brand is not big enough to contain your many different products and services. A sub-brand can allow you to give special definition to certain products and services while at the same time still maintaining integrity of your overall brand.

Photography/Illustration Selection  
if your brand relies on photography or illustration, wilderbydesign can help you source and choose the appropriate style.

Print & Publications

Brochures  there are many different folds, styles, paper & printing techniques that might work well—combine them with clear organization of your information and the result is striking as well as a joy to read.

Posters  sometimes there's nothing more powerful than a poster: type, image and message combine to engage your audience. 

Invitations  whether for a company
or personal party, a nicely designed invitation involves custom graphics as
well as guidance how best to print it.

Newsletters  are you happy with
your newsletter? Or are you starting a new one? wilderbydesign can both design newsletters as well as create templates for you or your staff to use to create future issues.

Book Design  wilderbydesign has experience designing covers and typographic elements (folios, chapter heads, etc) as well as laying out complete texts for publication.

Stationery  a nicely designed set of stationery means that your letterhead, envelope, and business card will look sharp, both on their own or as a set.

Magazines  wilderbydesign has experience designing publications from scratch as well as helping re-design existing magazines to help them both look their best and function better.

Signage & Wayfinding

Custom Sign Systems  most buildings use "off-the-shelf" signage; if you'd like your signage to align with your brand and better integrate with its environment, contact wilderbydesign to find out more about how we can help.

Vehicular & Pedestrian Direction 
wilderbydesign has helped towns & municipalities determine how best to get people around their space and then work within their budgets to design and fabricate the signage to do it.

Donor Plaques  you can order a pre-fabricated solution for your donor wall—or you can give them a real "thank you" with a custom-designed unique piece that will serve as both a memorable and nice addition to your lobby or space.

Large-Scale Graphics  large banners, murals, and billboards can make a big impact! wilderbydesign's expertise can help ensure that they are clear, legible and fabricated in a way that expresses quality to your audience.

Building Identification  this is the
(often) large sign that may sit at the front
of a building, to tell you what's inside.
A custom building ID will consider
different materials, fabrication methods, and make an amazing first-impression on your visitors.

Company Signage  need a sign at your place of business? A custom sign that directs people, outside or inside of your building, will better reflect your brand and serve as a welcome to your customer or client.

ADA Compliance  the American Disabilities Act dictates where signage should be placed as well as things like when and where Braille is required. wilderbydesign has experience navigating both ADA and other codes for exterior and interior signage.

Placemaking  this term refers to the wonderful use of design to create a mood or feeling within a space or area. This can be done through color, typography, images, murals, sculpture and more.

Wayfinding Studies  do you need to better understand how people are getting around your town? or your building? Through study of your space, observation and surveys, wilderbydesign can help you analyze the wayfinding conditions and make recommendations on how to improve upon them.